Saturday, June 5, 2010

Holy Hukilau!

The hibiscus is in bloom, barkcloth is soaking up our sultry summer perspiration and Hukilau is just around the corner! Traditionally "hukilau" referred to a communal Hawaiian method of fishing as well the subsequent festive beach gathering where the catch was consumed. All who participated in netting the fish were invited to partake of the feast. In South Florida Hukilau refers to an annual tiki festival held at Fort Lauderdale's spectacular Mai Kai Restaurant and Lounge. This year marks the ninth installment, which will be held June 10-13.

The Mai Kai was built in 1956 and has remained virtually unchanged since the 1960's. For several years it held the record for selling more rum drinks than any location in the US due to several signature cocktails, most notably the "Mystery Drink". This concoction was served by a silent "Mystery Girl" who would present a lei and a kiss to the recipient of the flaming cocktail while a gong was struck.

Whether you're Mai Kai bound or not be sure to swing by and check out our selection of Mystery Girl-worthy sundresses and sarongs.

P.S. If you make it to the Hukilau be sure to give a nod to Yesterdaze pals Stolen idols and Lounge Laura Taylor who will be playing and spinning exotica throughout the weekend!

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