Monday, November 14, 2011

Party Season is Here

With the weather cooling down and the holidays sneaking ever closer, this time of year is traditionally chock full of soirees, dinners, holiday get-togethers, egg nog, cookies, turkey, and more pumpkin-flavored foods than you can shake a stick at.

Whether you're toasting the New Year or joining your family for Thanksgiving dinner, the holidays are the perfect time to dust off the gems of your wardrobe and give them the showing off they deserve.

As timeless as the tradition of festivity itself, there is nothing more appropriate than a stand-out vintage piece to perfect your holiday ensemble.

Even jeans become timeless and fashionable when combined with a punchy, metallic pair of pumps like these 1960s Gold Brocade or unique, elegant jewelry like these Pearl Cluster earrings.

Of course, the most effective way to ensure you are truly unforgettable is to glide into your evening in a head-to-toe vintage piece that draws eyes (and oohs and ahhs). Nothing quite says holiday cheer like a fashion coup d'etat, after all.

Featured to the right is our "Glittery Glam" floor-length dress, a sparkling, figure-hugging gold 70s frock perfect for stunning your coworkers at the holiday Christmas party or dropping Mr. Right's jaw on New Years Eve.

We hope you sparkle all the way into the new year!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bay Area Renaissance Festival

It's here! Every weekend from Feb. 26 through April 17.

Discount tickets available @ YesterDaze.

Plus we have costumes for sale or rent. So enhance your experience at the festival by dressing the part!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Oodles of Poodles!

We've got a big selection of our curly canine friends!

Poodles you can wear...

Poodles that sit up and look cute...

In glass being artsy or a bottle....

Poodles for your table...

Poodles for your wall.....

And an elegant sitting poodle for your floor!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blue Jean

From the decade that brought you 'Tuff Turf', 'R.A.D.', and 'The Legend of Billie Jean' we present to you... denim.

Jean jackets are the quintessential Florida wardrobe staple, be they slathered in rhinestone brooches, plastered with band buttons or worn with minimalist restraint. Light enough not to stifle in the late summer months but sturdy enough to withstand a blast of AC they are equally adept at lending an edge of punky nonchalance to a whispy lace frock.

Top one with a jaunty engineer's cap...

Pop one over a slinky lace shell...

Just don't forget that Buddies Are In It Together.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Don't forget about our big blowout sale this weekend! We have a huge stash of vintage goodies at ridiculously low prices just awaiting your perusal. All items are $5 or less... repeat, five bones or less! Fancy lace cocktail frocks for the price of a snooty coffee! Excuse our excitement... fab 60's nighties that cost less than a burger get us a little riled up. Clothes for the ladies, threads for the fellas... hats... shoes... purses... Please come help us de-stash this Saturday August 28th from 10a-2p. The sale is taking place at 5132 Florida Ave (across the street from our shop) and will be on a cash only basis. If you just can't wait 'til Saturday to paw our wares there will be a pre-sale for early birds on Friday from 5-7p. Tickets are required for the pre-sale and can be purchased for $10 at the shop.

Orange you glad we've got you covered?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dormy Weather

Headed back to campus? Get thee away from Ikea and come check us out. We've got plenty of goodies to spruce up your apartment, dorm or bachelor(ette) pad.

Something to get you through the weekend...

Something to make Monday mornings a little more cheerful...

Something to scare the roommate...

Two landlord-approved pets who will never, ever pee on your carpet.

We're looking out for you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Skirt Has Hounds On It!

Hounds!! We just had to bring that to your attention.

Frankly, we can't get enough of the circle skirts around here. They are the perfect Florida wardrobe staple; swishy and ventilated in the summer and perfect with a cardigan and tights (or a cropped 80's jacket and boots) when the weather cools off.

For inspiration, look no further. 27 years later it still seems fresh. Such is the beauty of vintage!

We Love Yesterdaze!