Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get the Classic Michelle Obama Style

There is no denying Michelle Obama is setting a whole new standard for how women should dress. I love how she mixes vintage and modern - and she does it so well. Find some amazing Michelle Obama pieces at Yesterdazed. Here are just a few examples:

Get these fantastic Michelle looks, as well as many others, at our Yesterdazed Etsy shop.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jackie O

During her brief tenure in the White House, she brought an elegance to dressing, a style to American life. Her outfits were Americanized versions of French designs, clean lined, in the bright, solid colors she preferred, but with oversize buttons and coat pockets that would stand out in photographs. YesterDaze has the perfect outfit to give you the fabulous look of Jackie O:

The Outfit:
Wonderful aqua boucle knit suit from the late 1950's early 1960s with a short boxy jacket and straight skirt. Lot's of great style features, such as the big show buttons, and front pockets on the slightly gathered at waist skirt. 3/4 Sleeves. The jacket and skirt are lined. The skirt has a 1" waistband with a size metal zipper. Two labels are in the jacket: "Seymour Fox, Paris-New York" and "Melvin E. Miller, Cleveland, Ohio".
For more information on this outfit click HERE

The Shoes:
Great looking aqua (turquoise or teal) pumps with classic styling and spike heels! "Glace" with leather uppers.
For more information on these shoes click HERE

The Brooch:
Cute flower brooch with round clear aqua rhinestones and marquis shaped aqua milk glass "petals" in a silvertone metal setting.
For more information on this broach click HERE

The Hat:
Classic Breton styling! Black felt with a rolled brim that is soft and bendable so it can be fashioned for a different look, if desired, such as; flipped down in front for a "sporty" look.
For more information on this hat click HERE

The Purse:
Great classic from the 1940s! Flannel like black wool felt covered with a pleat in front. Inside is fully lined with brass zippered pocket. Gold toned metal "click" type closure on top. Short matching fabric handle. For more information on this purse click HERE

Yesterdazed has the one stop shop for everything Jackie O.

Please visit Yesterdazed for more fantastic outfits.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween & Late Hours!

All set for Halloween??
If not, consider checking out our racks of crazy costume ideas....all at great prices!

NEW LATE HOURS on Thursdays - now we're open until 8 p.m. Come see us in the dark!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mad about Mad Men

I am mad about "Mad Men" but I am infatuated with the outfits of the show. Set in the early 60's the show takes place during a transitional period in women's fashion. The hemlines are becoming shorter as opposed to the earlier fifties style of a circle skirt that has more of a flat front and that is longer and fuller. By 1960, there's a gathering at the waist and the hem length has come up a lot. Joan, the vixen of the show, is more fashion forward wearing clothing that's fitted showing the silhouette of her body.

The YesterDaze outfit (shown right hand side, above) hugs the body and shows the fabulous curves of a woman's figure much like Joan's ensemble. The Yesterday outfit is priced at $65.00 which includes THREE pieces; the skirt, top and cardigan. To find out more information about the YesterDaze outfit please click HERE

Again, Joan's outfit is sexy and form fitting. YesterDaze is not to be outdone. We have the entire look for a great price:
Outfit Total: $125.50

Thursday, August 13, 2009

One More Week before The Blow Out Sale!

I've been digging through all the great vintage I've hoarded for years and have discovered there is also a huge amount of vintage linens....laces, tablecloths, doilies, etc.

So, there will be a whole section of just linens - all for $5.00 each, at the sale!!

The early bird sale is filling up (I'm only selling a limited amount of tickets for entry to that) so get them soon to see all this great stuff first! For your convenience you can buy your tickets by phone by calling (813) 231-2020.

This is a one-time thing....I only have this one hoard to share, and it took me many years to accumulate so much great stuff!

Sherry, Owner

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rockin Out in the Early 80's


Lisa is a young college student having the time of her life in the ultra rad early 80's. Tonight Lisa is on her way to see her favorite band, Whitesnake, in concert. Lucky for Lisa she found a killer outfit at YesterDaze:

The Top:
A Silk Sequenced Butterfly Top. Made in India. It's 100% silk and very sexy. The cobalt blue sequence make up the design of a large butterfly that frames Lisa's face perfectly.

The Skirt:
A sexy leather mini will be sure to get Lisa noticed.
Smooth black leather with silver toned rings, studs and fringes plus asymmetrical flourishes on the front.
Back zipper with a snap at the waistband.
Only $35.00 at YesterDaze
Click here (or on picture) for more info on this skirt

The Boots:
Lisa will be able to dance the night away yet still look sexy in this high boots.
Great black leather boots from the 80s that arch high in front of knee, and can be folded down (pirate style) for a different look.
Soft and supple leather uppers with a leather covered 3" spike heel.
Label: Gloria Vanderbilt
Only $25.00 at YesterDaze
Click here (or on picture) for more information on boots

The final Touches:
A beautiful necklace about 38" long, made up of cobalt blue beads on looped brass wire.
Only $25.00 at YesterDaze
Click here (or on picture) for more information on the necklace
Embossed silver toned drop earrings Floral design is embossed on these shiny silver drop earrings.
Only $10.00 at YesterDaze
Click here (or on picture) for more information on earrings.

This ENTIRE look only cost Lisa $140.00!!!!
Thanks to YesterDaze Lisa is looking hot and ready to Party Like A Rock Star!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Large collection of vintage clothing, accessories and linens....all for $5.00 each!!
Cash only. This is all great, true vintage. Been stored for years....tired of paying storage fees....
If you have any questions please call
Sherry's YesterDaze for more details

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Calling All Shoe Lovers!!!!!

I recently listed some fantastic vintage shoes on the Yester Daze online shop. I have enough shoes to rival the closet of Carry Bradshaw. However, there are two major differences between my and Mrs. Carrie's collection of shoes:
1. You won't find my little beauties in a department store window and therefore you won't find them on your girlfriends feet. In other words...mine are UNIQUE and One-of-a-Kind
2. My shoes are priced right and affordable to anyone out there. It shouldn't have to cost a fortune to look like a million.

Here's a little taste of what Yester Dazed has to offer in our shoe department:

Left: Coming up Roses Floral Pumps size 6AA $25.00
Right: 1950's Spectator Pump's size 6.5 $15.00

Top Left: 1960's Shiny Gold Pumps with Spike Heel $20.00
Top Right: 1960's Black with White Trim - 6B $15.00
Bottom Picture: 60's Black Suede and Faux Leather Pump $15.00

Left: Disco Shiny Silver 1970's Pumps $25.00
Right: 1970's Black Faux Reptile Pumps $15.00


Black Satin Pumps with Big Black Bow $25.00

So as you can see Yester Daze has a lot of shoe options. As always, if don't see what you're looking for please contact me and ask. I have a lot of inventory not listed on my online shop.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Why Buy Vintage... Ten GOOD Reasons.

10. Never Goes Out of Style: The definition of vintage is 20 years or older. If your vintage item is 20+ years old and still fits your decor, style, etc... then it's going to stay in style.

9. New Life for Old Items: So many vintage items can serve double duty. Example; Luggage can be used for travel, stylish storage, as end tables, art, a cat bed, etc... (see blog post from June 10th for more ideas on how to use vintage luggage)

8. Tells a Story: Each vintage treasure has been previously loved. It's hard not to love something that, in it's past life, gave so much joy to someone else

7. Quality: "They don't make 'em like they used to." - So true! If an item is 20 + years and it still works, looks good, is functional, stylish, etc... then it's bound to last at least another 20 year.

6. One -of-a-kind Find: The great thing about vintage is there are very few of each item left in the world. Buy vintage and you won't see the same thing at your friends house down the street. Purchase vintage clothing and you won't need to worry about going to a party and seeing someone wearing the same dress.

5. Conversation Starter: Unique, nostalgic, vintage treasures always remind people of a
story = good conversation starter.

4. Memories/Nostalgia: Going along with the above reason, almost every vintage treasure brings back a memory of some sort. Maybe it's of your Grandmother baking cookies, your mom getting dressed for a party, or your Grandpa reading you a story. No matter what memories are triggered, it's always nice to reminisce.

3. Support Charities: Many vintage treasures are discovered at donation centers which help out your city. Personally, I find the majority of my finds at Good Will and Salvation Army. It's a win/win situation - I get a treasure and support the community.

2. Recycling/Reusing: good for Environment! Enough said.

1. Less Expensive: More style and less expensive, what could be better then that? There are plenty of vintage shops on Etsy, like Happy Day Vintage, that sell vintage clothing, housewares, luggage and whatever else you can think of at a wallet friendly cost.

*blog post written by Happy Day Vintage and used with the shop owners permission.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting to know...Trina. Get her ultra trendy look!

Meet Trina - an aspiring young fashion designer living the good life in New York City. Trina recently graduated from NYC with a degree in fashion design. Currently she works at Barneys' on Madison Ave as a fashion consultant. Although she loves her job Trina dreams of making it as a big time fashion designer.
For now Trina doesn't have much disposable cash. The NY nightlife, student loans, and rent eat up most of her income. Lucky for Trina she found Yesterdaze. With Yesterdaze Trina is able to find one-of-a-kind, trendy, vintage outfits. She always looks good and never has to spend a lot of money.

Let's break down a few of Trina's outfits so that YOU can get her ultra fashion forward look:
1940's Look Pink Silk Wrap dress with Little Flowers - Size 8-10 $35.00
Blue Reptile Purse - Shoulder Bag or Clutch - 1980s $16.00
Outfit Total: $51.00

1980's White Cotton Halter Jumpsuit - Size 12 $35.00
Silvertone Concho Belt with Faux Turquoise $14.00
Outfit Total: $48.00
Note: The shoes shown in this picture are not for sale but please contact Yesterdaze as we have a lot of shoes, that may or may not be listed in our online shop, to choose from.

Spring Chic - 1980's Peach Floral Off-The-Shoulder Outfit - Size 10 $40.00
Glittery Copper and Gold Clutch Purse - Sparkles A Plenty $28.00
Gold Wedge Sandals - Size 9M - Kenneth Cole $25.00
Outfit Total: $93.00

Thank you for reading our blog.

*story of Trina is fictional.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Going Green in the 70's

Who: Gloria - A young, single fashionista just living her fabulous life
What: A day in the life of ...
When: 1970
Where: Tampa, FL
Why: Because 1970's Fashion is so Groovy!

Gloria slips on her favorite green suit ready for a morning of sun and fun. She will be turning heads left and right as she sashays down the beach in this green and yellow Catalina Swimsuit.

Golden Brown and ready for a divine lunch date, Gloria throws on a gorgeous green sun dress and grabs her favorite green purse. Looking great in green Gloria is off to wow her gentleman friend and enjoy a lite lunch on the patio of her favorite local restaurant.

A morning at the beach and a lunch date, can it get much better then this?....if you're as fabulous as Gloria it gets much better. Gloria stops at home to find evening attire for a night of drinks and dancing with her girlfriends. Out of her closet Gloria pulls a yummy yellow nylon blouse from Cole of California. She straps on a great green leather belt and grabs a sleek green patent leather purse. Once again Gloria is looking good and ready to end her night having fun with her friends. Just another day in the fabulous life of Gloria.

Wondering how much it would cost to go green like Gloria? Let's recap Gloria's look:

1. Gold Wedge Sandals - Size 9M - Kenneth Cole $25.00
2. 1960s Green Patent Leather Purse - A Cutie - Great Mod Fashion $20.00
3. Perfect Summer and Spring Green Flowered Straw Purse - Tote Bag - Daisies $20.00
4. 1970s Bright Yellow Tunic Blouse - Large $30.00
5. 1970s Green and Yellow Print Catalina Swimsuit - Size 12 $30.00
6. A Cool Summer Breeze - 1970s Green Floral A Line Dress - Size 12 $30.00
Grand Total for this Look: $155.00
I know, shocking but true. Not only is Gloria a fashionista but she's smart with her money. No wonder she's living the good life!

Thank you for reading our blog!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Father's Day- For the Fly Daddy Part 2

By now you've probably figured out Yesterdaze has unique, odd, crazy, retro, vintage and fabulous Fathers Day gifts for Father's Day. So many in fact I need to do a sequel the original blog posting. Today we'll feature the more traditional Father's Day gifts with a unique spin. We'll also give you a taste of the really unique gifts that you can't find any where else.

Maybe the Father in your life needs a tie but doesn't want your average department store find. Check these ties and unique tie clips.
As you can see, we have ties and tie clips for almost any type of Dad. The humorous dad, patriotic, cowboy, hunter, and retro Dad. Check out the Yesterdaze shop for the pricing, descriptions and more pictures of each item.

Maybe it's not a tie that your Fly Daddy needs but a belt or belt buckle. Check out these great finds:
My personal favorite is the "Amazing Baseball Belt Buckle - Burbank 1948 - Collector's Item " (upper right corner). This buckle would be the perfect gift for any father who loves baseball (and really, what Dad doesn't love baseball?)

Not only do we have ties, tie clips, belts and belt buckles, but we also have great vintage cuff links:
Check out the Yesterdaze shop for the pricing, descriptions and more pictures of each item.

I also love this letter opener and mechanical pencil. Each is unique and the perfect find for this Father's Day:
Check out the Yesterdaze shop for the pricing, descriptions and more pictures of each item.

We also have the slightly "odd" Father's Day gifts such as this Metal Female Nude Ornamental Piece:

Or this Golf Club Shoe Horn:

As always, Please contact Yesterdaze if you are looking for something specific, as we have a multitude of resources and warehoused items.
Have a Fantastic Father's Day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Father's Day - For the Fly Daddy!

The word "Dad" used to bring to mind thoughts of a middle aged man wearing black socks with shorts and sandals. The modern day Dad is fashion savvy, knows the latest trends and how to work his "mojo". The modern day Dad plays in a band (or at least wishes he did).
The Dad of today doesn't want the standard tie from a department store. Get him something unique, retro, earth friendly, and inexpensive (you don't have to tell him the last part of the equation).
It just so happens YesterDaze is the perfect place to shop for your Dad this year. You're bound to find something your Dad never knew he wanted so badly.

For starters...Unique vintage shirts. Everything ranging from authentic Hawaiian, to Cowboy to Bowling shirts - and everything in between.

Maybe the Dad in your life needs a great pair of vintage pants, to match is new retro shirt. Check out just a couple of what YesterDaze has to offer.
On the left: "Vintage Lee Riders 5 Pocket Jeans" A great pair of vintage corduroy straight leg Lee Rider jeans.
On the right: "Disco Worthy 1970s Plaid Bell Bottom Pants"Authentic and amazing 12 wide bell bottoms from the 1970s

Your Dad is dressed to impress with no where to go. He may as well have a party with friends and family. But wait, he needs the perfect bar glasses...
It just so happens YesterDaze has a set of eight glasses that will make your Dad the Cat's Meow:

The "The Pussycat - Set of 8 Glasses - Classy Stuff for Your Home Bar" will be a big hit with your Dad, and all his friends.

Looking good and drink in hand your Dad starts to feel a little "corny" and decides to BBQ. Yester Daze has something for that as well:
The "It's BBQ Season - Time To Get Corny" set is only $20.00.

After good food, drinks, friends and family it's time for a night on the town. Will your Dad choose to accessorize his outfit with a fun, retro cowboy look:

or a more distinguished ensemble:
Which ever he picks he's looking good, having fun and the envy of his friends....thanks to you and YesterDaze.

Thank you for reading our blog.
Happy Father's Day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sun Dresses! It's Hot...They're Cool...

Front and center at the shop, along with vintage bathing suits, cover-ups, shorts and halter tops, we have sun dresses.

Spaghetti, wide strapped and strapless sun dresses along with sleeveless styles - light and airy cottons, blends and rayons. Dating from the 1950's through 80's in an array of prints and solids.

The selection includes some Lilli Pulitzer's and some authentic hawaiian florals. In a variety of's, midi's and maxi's.

Get 'em while they're cool!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Love Yesterdaze!